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The journey of looking for a great Bandung Hotel providing only the nicest and coziest of hotel rooms has finally come to a decisive end with the arrival of Banana Inn Hotel Bandung & Spa. Never before in the city a Bandung Hotel that combine uniqueness of a hotel-staying experience rich with freshness and creativity with luxury and comfort as traditionally expected from a fine hotel.

Banana Inn Hotel Bandung & Spa sports 92 hotel rooms capacity with four different types: Deluxe, Studio, Executive, and Suite. Each type provides only a unique hotel room experience that is peppered with Banana Inn's distinctive style and fashion. Great facilities, great amenities, great services, great everything else: Banana Inn's hotel rooms are simply amongst the best in the industry.

Twin Bed
Double Bed
Total Room
Deluxe 30 m² 35 31 66
Studio 37 m² 1 2 3
Executive 45 m² 7 11 18
Suite 60 m² - 5 5

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