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Kiwi Fitness Center

Banana Inn Hotel and Spa - Kiwi Fitness Center

Being healthy has never been this fun before. Introducing Kiwi Fitness Center, the new measuring stick of which other Bandung Fitness must try to emulate if they want to be acknowledged as a great place to be. Rare is a fitness center that is capable of handling the place with a seemingly seamless mixture of fun and professionalism, but Kiwi Fitness Center is just simply on another different level compared to any of its competitors.

Kiwi Fitness Center is located inside Banana Inn Hotel Bandung & Spa, making it one of the finest-if not simply the finest-fitness in Hotel experience anyone can experience. We are not only equipped with a complete set of high-quality fitness equipments, but also a team of highly capable professional staff that understand completely the importance of being healthy while also having fun. Kiwi Fitness Center of Banana Inn Hotel-fitness center at its best.

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